Searching My “Why”

.  WHY? I have been searching my “why” for creating paintings and trying to find out what problems I am solving with my paintings. Presently, I am in a Business Academy with Motivating the Masses, Lisa Nichols is the CEO. I am also in a program for artist called Artist Who Thrive, and Ann Rea […]

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“Stepping Stones” to a Fulfilling Life

I am presently working on a book called “Stepping Stones” to a Fulfilling Life. The book is about fulfilling five areas of your life: Emotional, Spiritual, Financial, Physical and Psychological. A decision in one area of life inevitably ripples through all areas of life. The decisions we make move us toward or away from better […]

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Updates from Virginia Jourdan

Receive updates and information on special offers, new programs and announcments! Virginia "Nia" Jourdan is an award-winning artist. She provides public and private painting parties in San Fransicso and the greater Bay Area.

"Nia is a great teacher! The painting party is so much fun! You feel so accomplished when you complete your painting."
 ~ Michelle Thompson

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